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Workshop on Porting Applications on the Computational Grid

The workshop was conducted as a collaborative effort from ICTP, SPIDER, & UCSC. Although we got highly competent resource personnel it is so disheartening to see such a bad response from the local research community. I am really not sure the reason for lack of interest. However it may be the feeling among most local scientists that computers can't support there conventional research, "it's not for us...", or "it's for the new generation...".
The whole objective of the workshop was to get researchers together & discuss about the possibility (or benefits) of porting their applications (if they already have such applications) to a Grid environment or development of new applications. The infrastructure is already in place & what we need is applications to run on top of those machines. All these are there for the benefit of the country & to the rest of the world.
If they don't know …
IT Day 2006 - Mathara Rahula College

Me & Samantha (another lecturer) was invited to deliver a speech at the 'IT Day' of the school. Samantha talked on 'New Trends in ICT' and my one was on 'Technology for a Better Tomorrow'. Samantha was talking about high-tec consumer electronic items, Sensor Networks, Grid Computing, Mobile Robots, new network technologies (WiMAX, CDMA, etc). I presented a case study on HorizonLanka foundation and explained how Mahavilachchiya become the most IT savvy village in the country while enhancing the villages' life through use of ICT. The important aspect about the event was the approach that we used while addressing students.

Previous speaker talked on e-Commerce but it was too theoretical & hardly none of the student could understand content, including me. It was a good presentation but suites a more mature audience. The concept of knowing your audience was no there, it was totally outside the expectations of the stude…