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Oversim - Key Overlay Functions

Can be use to set message to NULL.Better not to skip defining the constructor.

Clear/delete messages in destructor using cancelAndDelete(). New version seems to be motivating to use a destructor so better not to skip.

void initializeOverlay(int stage) Can be used to initialize the overlay node, read parameter values, set key, set statistic collectors, start timers, etc.
stage -  can be either MIN_STAGE_APP (this module is being created) or MAX_STAGE_APP (all modules were created). We typically need MIN_STAGE_APP to initialize application functions & variables.void finishOverlay()
Called when module is terminating. Can be used to summarize stat. New OverSim version seems to be motivating us to delete messages in the destructor.

void joinOverlay()
Define what to do when a node is added to system. Can be used to establish connections with successor/predecessor & identify fingers in Chord. Also indicate to the simulator that overlay is now ready.