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StumbleUpon Algorithm

count = 1 whileTrue: //Keep Stumbling click on "Stumble!" button     if happy with what you see: break//Stop Stumbling & browse that page or website     if count == 4: //Click 4 times. break//No point in trying again you'll be disappointed again. Go & do something else.     count += 1 //Keep trying

This work for me most of the time. May be It'll work for you...

BitTorrent Search Engine/Site Survey

We are conducting an academic research study on use of BitTorrent search engines/sites. Please help us by:
  * Completing the survey
   * Sharing survey link with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs, e-mails, etc. for wider participation

Link -
Time - ~3 minutes

This survey is conducted by the Computer Networking Research Laboratory (CNRL) of the Colorado State University, USA.