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6 months since returning to Sri Lanka...

It's 6 months since returning to Sri Lanka.
In simple words "we are confused, but hopeful"

Though I spent 82% of my life in SL, it is not easy to adapt. Last 6 months have been tough for all 3 of us. Health & quality of life have been bad. It's not the country that we expected. While materistically country has gone ahead, sprit of the people has gone down. In a way can't blame people, I think they are confused too. Heat & humidity are not helping them either. However much I earn, it looks nothing. I just keep running from one thing to another to earn whatever I can. In a way, now I feel it was a big mistake not to earn something while in US after finishing PhD. All this running around not helping our family & parents either (one of the key reasons for returning). If friends in the US may wonder why we are so hard to get in touch, this is why. Given the current school system in the country & how it is messed up, we have to worry about son's futu…