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Framework, Architecture, vs. Solution

I always struggle to figure out whether to use the word framework, architecture, or solution while trying describe what we developed/designed. Here's the difference among those terms based on several sources: Framework Underlying set of ideas: a set of ideas, principles, agreements, or rules that provides the basis or outline for something intended to be more fully developed at a later stage - Encarta World English DictionaryContext: the general background to, or context for, a particular action or event, e.g., legal framework - Encarta World English DictionarySystem of interconnecting bars: a structure of connected horizontal and vertical bars with spaces between them, especially one that forms the skeleton of another structure - Encarta World English DictionaryA set of theories widely accepted enough to serve as the guiding principles of research within a particular discipline - Wikipedia Architecture Building design: the art and science of designing and constructing buildings …

OverSim - Messages

Messages could be used to communicate in application & overlay layers as well for RPC communication. A message file could contain one or more messages and end with .msg. Relevant header & source files will be automatically generated when you compile. 

All messages are inherited from cMessage class &
RPC calls - inherited from BaseCallMessage class. Message name must end with word 'Call', e.g., MyRPCCallpacket MyRPCCall extends BaseCallMessageRPC responce - inherited from BaseResponseMessage classes. Message name must end with word "Response', e.g., MyRPCResponce

Are graduate studies making us over qualified???

When it clicks, a post graduate degree can carry us to new hights. But when it fails, we are over qualified & no one wants us... There is no gurantee that 4-6 years of scarifies will pay off. Read They're Mad as Hell by Leonard Cassuto for a debatable discussion on reality. Read Comments as well. A must read for anyone thinking of becoming a graduate student...