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Windows 7

Finally, it seems that Microsoft has decided to do some changes to Vista (I guess the most commercially unsuccessful Microsoft OS release in spite of so much advertising). "Over the past few years, you've asked us to make some changes to Windows. We listened closely," by Microsoft.
Windows 7 is supposed to be faster, more reliable, & easier to do what you want. I would love to have a new OS that combine some of the few cool features in Vista & Plenty of good ones in XP. I hope that they remove the sudden black screen that appears when we try to install a new software, configure a driver or need to allow firewall access. Getting a sudden black screen is scary…. However, other than few minor improvements I didn't see any major improvements. It seems that new interface is becoming more like Mac.
Anyway, Beta version is already available for techies to try. Unfortunately, I don't have a machine with 1GB of memory to install. Please share your experience if you …