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Publish a Survey Paper Based on Literature Survey - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Yesterday, I reviewed a survey paper which was perhaps done by a student of a graduate program just after his/her literature survey. How do I know? Because it was just a summary of a set of papers, and lacked a critique, comparison, identification of burning questions/challenges, and any insights for future research directions. My decision as reviewer was easy, "Strong Reject", as several such papers I rejected in the past. Today, one of the students told me "I hope to publish 2 papers based on my research as mentioned in one of the seminars. First, as a survey paper after literature survey and second after finishing research".

The idea of trying to publish a survey paper just after a literature survey looks so wrong to me. While I have had a couple of debates regarding this with my colleagues (both who agree & disagree), I guess it's time to document this so that I don't need to repeat myself again.

Let's start with the most important person when…