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Slowness, Unreliability, and Errors are Pervasive to Facebook

Facebook (FB) is already part of life for millions of individuals across the globe. It's already among the Internet giants like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, & e-Bay. It has evolved as both a social interaction tool & a real-time communication tool (many Yahoo & MSN messenger users have switched to FB because of the chat feature). Unfortunately, most users will agree that FB is nowhere close the standards set by Google, YouTube, & Amazon when it comes to responsiveness, reliability, & availability. Personally, I have experienced extremely slow page loading, many error messages, not allowing me to login or post messages, and show only subset of postings by others. Hence, I don’t depend on FB to contact others & have a low appreciation as a useful service.
FB seems to be relying on extensive JavaScript & extended variants of MySQL, PHP, & Memcached. It's understandable that FB has to handle so much data, users, & their relationships. Unfortun…

Get Motivated by Tamara Lowe

After many years, I finally finished reading a nontechnical book.
Its "Get Motivated" by Tamara Lowe. Book is good & worth reading. According to her, motivation is based Drive, Needs, and Awards (what she called DNA). People have either Production or Connection drive, Stability or Variety needs, & Internal or External awards systems.
I think, I equally share all categories in DNA though the questionnaire in book categorized me into one of them. First few chapters were interesting & highly motivating but the middle was not. Nevertheless, as she said in the last chapter "Finish First, Finish Well" the book ended really well.
To be honest, I feel renewed and motivated than in the recent past.