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Showing posts from October, 2013

HPC Lab Website Launched

As our 1st step towards formally establishing the HPC Lab in the department, we launched the website last week. We will add more content with time. Next step is to physically set up a lab once we get a room (currently our resources are spread around).

Distributed Systems Mind Map

Though distributed systems are inherently distributed, autonomous, and parallel, all textbooks that I have read so far are boring & serial, going from one topic to another as they are independent topics. Wondering about how best to present all related topics and their relationships in my class, I came up with the following mind map. I was able to explain most of the key concepts using a single example of a web-based business that started selling flowers. It was a student who suggested that we consider selling flowers. It turned out to be a good example, as there had to be a connection to the physical world where the business also needed a geographical distributed delivery system. Taught of sharing the mind map. Though most of those branches can be broken down further this level of detailed was sufficient for my class (by the way it took 1 hour to finish the discussion on this slide).