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Macro to Search Typos in Microsoft Word

Most of us tend to type some funny words or break a word into multiple words which are not captured by the spell checker. Inability of the spell checker to understand the context leads to this issue. Here is a Word Macro to detect such errors which I developed while writing my PhD proposal.
Macro searches for each word in the 'terms' array and move the cursor to the first occurrence allowing you to manually edit the word(s). It doesn't correct errors as some of the words are context sensitive and depends on the position of a sentence. You can always extend the to code to deal with common mistakes like writing 'in to' instead of 'into'. After each correction you need to rerun the macro. Simplest way to rerun is to assign a shortcut key to the macro. When all the words are searched you will see a message saying "Double Check Compete...!". Feel free to add your own words to the 'terms' array.

Sub Double_Check()
' Double_Check Macro