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Seminar on Interviewing Skills for Grad Students

Last Monday I had the privilege of organizing and hosting a seminar on "Interviewing Skills for Grad Students." It was a huge success and some students were even standing. We had 5 exceptional presenters from industry and academia. Seminar covered basic interviewing skills, behavioral interviewing process, success factors in interviewing and carrier, differences in start-ups and R&D teams, interviewing process in academia for faculty/PostDoc positions, etc. Based on the follow-up server, it seems that students benefited a lot from being able to talk and share experiences of the presenters.
Students from UMASS also joined the seminar over videoconferencing. All together we had ~40 students from both campuses. The seminar was sponsored by CASA Student Leadership Council (SLC). UMASS is a main partner of the CASAproject. Generous support from all presenters, SLC leadership, and members was immensely helpful in making this event such a success.