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iPad Show Password Characters

I had the chance to play with a iPad while I was in BestBuy today. As there is no office suite, I wanted to see whether I could run Google Docs. While I was entering password, it tends to show each character that I was entering before displaying *. For example, When I type 'abc' it first showed 'a' then '*', '*b' then '**', '**c' then change to '***'. Anyway, I couldn't login as my complex password was too much for iPad. Overall, I felt Safari was bit slow on it. I love the concept & how it feels. But, the ideal hand held computer that I want is still in design. I can wait couple of more years.

1. Building P2P Simulators with OverSim - Where to Begin

This could be a series of blog posts about extending or developing your own OverSim applications & overlay networks. OverSim has a minimal tutorial on writing your own application & overlay network; however, it doesn't show the big picture. So, I'm wasting lots of time playing with code & trying to understand the rest. Good thing is, I like it more & more as I understand. You need to change/develop only a few things, but finding out which ones is a hell of a task. I hope this will not only make my life easy but also will be useful to new comers. Here's what you need to do: You need some background on OMNeT++ OverSim extend OMNeT++. But sometime it has its own way of doing things (to make your task even simple) so understand the differences.Develop several OMNeT++ simulators. TicToc is a good one to start with. Extend it as you imagine.Read Towards a Common API for Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlays, which is the basis for OvseSim's API. Here'…